Yaki Nori Restaurant Grade Sushi Seaweed (Full Size - 50 pc) 焼き海苔 全形 50枚

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Yaki Nori Restaurant Grade Sushi Seaweed (Seaweed Set)

焼き海苔 全形 50枚 

Yaki Nori or roasted seaweed is widely used in all Japanese restaurants to make the iconic Japanese Temaki handrolls, gunkan battleship sushi, maki rolls and many others. These pieces or seaweed are lightly roasted to give is a smokey flavor and a crisp finish. They are perfect by themselves as well without any topping as a healthy snack. 

This set consists of:

1x Yaki Nori 50pc (Full Size)

Most recommended with our Narabi Uni and some Soy sauce.

  • Texture: flaky and crisp
  • Taste: Briny and taste of the sea
  • Colour: Dark green with a good shine
  • Weight: Full size is 1 pack 125g.
  • Storage: Stored in a dry and cool area

Yaki Nori flakes is Best Eaten with:

  • Sushi Rice
  • Handrolls
  • Maki
  • In Soups and Ramen
  • With a cup of Shiki SG Sake or Shochu!


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