Best Sellers

If you're having trouble deciding what to get, have a look at the top selling items on our website! You can also contact us if you are interested in getting some suggestions from us!

These are our top 5 items for the month:

1) Bafun Uni Bara (A Grade) 250g

Auction grade Bafun Uni is the top of the top Bafun Uni (Sea Urchin) we can find anywhere in the world. Each box is carefully selected by our purveyors and bid on by our auctioneers the morning they are brought into Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Market. 

2) Ikura (Salmon Roe)

The Jewels of the sea, Ikura is the marinated roe of the salmon. Often Marinated in Shio or Tare (Soy or Salt), its bouncy texture and burst of flavour when popped in your mouth is something you would not want to be missing out on!

3) Bafun Uni Narabi Yellow (A Grade) 250g

Yellow Narabi Uni has a creamy yet lighter taste compared to the reds, the uni is caught off the coasts of Hokkaido, Japan and melts in your mouth leaving a sweet and fragrant aftertaste. Many Italian chefs use the yellow for their Risottos, Pasta and Linguine dishes.

4) Fresh Muki Hotate Sashimi (Sashimi Scallops)

Our freshly caught Hokkaido scallops are a real treat and are ready to eat once delivered! Our chefs in Japan expertly de-shell, clean and prepare the scallops before sending them over to us.  

5) Shiki Festive Goodie Box (Ootoro Box)

Our festive goodie boxes are filled with the best that Japan has to offer. Great for any cooking occasion or gathering, our expert purveyors scour the auctions and markets for the most unique and exotic items available that would be a crowd pleaser at any party, event or occasion.