About Us


Our mission, vision and dedication to you our customers

We are a boutique purveyor of Japanese seafood, fruits and vegetables, specializing in the distribution of high quality produce from Japan. We function as a bridge connecting our chefs and food connoisseurs to the freshest and highest quality produce that Japan has to offer. Our mission is to provide 5-star service to all our customers, always striving to cater to our customers' every needs and requirements.
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Our produce are carefully selected and acquired from auction houses within Hokkaido, Tokyo and Fukuoka. These are then flown to Singapore on the same day to retain freshness and quality.

Fuss-free, Efficient, Customized and Extremely High Quality. 

We strive to provide excellent service and delivery of our fresh Japanese meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables to your tables. You can definitely count on us, we look forward to bringing the best of Japan to you!
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Yours Sincerely,
Shiki Team