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~Toyosu Auction~ Canadian Bafun Uni Bara (A Grade) 250g カナダ産バフンウニ〜豊洲市場〜

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~Toyosu Auction~ Canadian Bafun Uni Bara (A Grade) 250g


Canadian Uni has become a common product at the Toyosu auctions in the past few years, they are well known for their sweetness and less fishy taste. Transporting the Uni all the way from Canada to the Japanese auctions is no simple feat, a tremendous amount of time, care and concern is put into the whole process to ensure that the Uni comes to you in pristine condition.  

Canadian Pacific Red Sea Urchin is caught off the coasts of North America and Canada, they are hand dived and sustainably caught. Over 80-90% of canadian uni is exported to the Asian markets and auctioned off in places like Toyosu market to our auctioneers.

How does this Uni taste?
It has a has a lighter rich pale and light yellow colour with a firm but creamy texture and a sweet undertones. its taste is much brinier and slightly stronger in seafood flavor as compared to the other Unis. It is perfect for uni lovers who have tried all sorts of Uni and want to try even more!

Who chooses the Uni for you? 
Every morning, our purveyors carefully sift through the boxes of uni available to select and choose the Uni to our exact specification and quality. Each box is harvested and arranged specially off the famed coasts of Hokkaido, Japan.  

Canadian Bara Bafun uni consists of high quality canadian uni that have been meticulously place together in Canada to form the "Bara" or crossed pattern. The cross pattern is normally used when the Uni are of different shape and size.

Rest assured that the uni you receive will be of top quality. 

Freshly caught Yellow Bafun Uni (Sea Urchin) has a bright beautiful yellow colour with firm texture and tastes like chestnuts.

  • Texture: Firm
  • Taste: Sweet 
  • Colour: Orange to Dark Orange 
  • Weight: 250g
  • Storage: Should be stored in the fridge and eaten within 3 days

What's the difference between Narabi & Bara Sea Urchin? 

Bara Uni is an arrangement that Uni farmers use to create a woven alignment of Uni. Bara tends to be a bit smaller than narabi but chefs love it as much as the smaller pieces of uni can sometimes have an even higher concentration of umami in them!

Yellow Bafun Uni is Best Eaten with/as:
  • Sushi Rice
  • Kaisen Don
  • Seaweed
  • Pasta
  • Risotto
  • Eating it alone paired with a cup of Sake works too!

    * Kindly note that packaging might vary depending on the auction results in the mornings.

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