Premium Grade Shizuoka Musk Melon マスクメロン (1.3-1.5kg)

Premium Grade Shizuoka Musk Melon マスクメロン (1.3-1.5kg)

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Japanese Musk Melon

Premium Crown and Aroma high grade Japanese Musk melons from Shizuoka Japan. Our Japanese Musk Melons are carefully chosen and vetted by our team of dedicated farmers before they are flown over directly from Shizuoka to your doorstep in Singapore. These melons are extremely sweet and juicy and perfect as desserts for dinner parties!
  • Texture: Soft and smooth
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Colour: White and green Skin, light green meat
  • Weight: Approximately 1.3 to 1.6kg per melon
  • Recommended: The thicker and more complicated the skin, the better the melon

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 *Note: Packaging is subject to supply and demand. Our Produce will always be of top grade and quality is controlled by Shiki specialists. Guaranteed Japanese Product 👍


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