Sashimi Grade Mekajiki Premium Swordfish Steak - Frozen (250g-300g) メカジキ 冷凍

Sashimi Grade Mekajiki Premium Swordfish Steak - Frozen (250g-300g) メカジキ 冷凍

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Sashimi Grade Mekajiki Premium Swordfish Steak - Frozen (250g-300g)

メカジキ 冷凍

Mekajiki or Premium Sword fish is highly regarded in many sushi restaurants, its lean and white meat is extremely clean and melts in your mouth. Our Mekajiki is lean and fresh tasting. Lean mekajiki is best slightly torched. 
Mekajiki is often used in sushi, sashimi, and cooked dishes throughout Japan. It is also very widely used in Japanese restaurants and izakayas in Singapore and loved by chefs for its ease of use, cutting and versatility.

Our Mekajiki is flash frozen and processed perfectly by our skilled fishermen. Each pack is carefully sliced and vacuum packed to ensure the highest level of freshness and flavour. It
 is soft, tender and melt in your mouth with a creamy taste. Mekajiki is also delicious on a pan with butter and a pinch of salt

This ingredient is specially cut and vacuum packed, its unique shape gives it the flexibility to be whatever you want on a dish! Our Mekajiki is perfect for pokebowls, Swordfish steaks, Swordfish Burgers even ! Try it now and enjoy its flavors and taste!

  • Texture: Clean and crisp
  • Taste: Sweet and slightly salty
  • Colour: Off White-Pink
  • Weight: 250g-300g 
  • Recommended: Once defrosted, consume within 1-2 days

To Defrost / To Store

    1. Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours 
    2. Leave under running water for 30min
    3. Do Not re-freeze after it has thawed and defrosted.
    4. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

Mekajiki Sashimi is Best Eaten with/as:

  • Rwcommended to sear tataki style or with a nice aburi
  • Sashimi
  • Sushi, Rolls, Maki
  • Kaisen Don
  • Seaweed
Do note: We do not provide slicing/processing services as our produce should be eaten immediately after it is sliced. This ensures freshness and prevents deterioration of quality.
 *Note: Packaging is subject to supply and demand. Our Produce will always be of top grade and quality is controlled by Shiki specialists. Guaranteed Japanese Product 👍
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