Sashimi Grade Japanese Katsuo Tataki (Lightly Flame Seared Skipjack Fillet) - Frozen 200-300g カツオのたたき 冷凍

Sashimi Grade Japanese Katsuo Tataki (Lightly Flame Seared Skipjack Fillet) - Frozen 200-300g カツオのたたき 冷凍

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Sashimi Grade Japanese Katsuo Tataki (Lightly Flame Seared Skipjack Fillet) - Frozen 200-300g *Home Chef Level Product*

カツオのたたき 冷凍

Katsuo Tataki also known as Skipjack and Bonito fillet is very regularly caught by Japanese fisherman in the Shizuoka, Mie, Koshi and Miyazaki prefectures. They are traditionally caught with hand reels and fishing poles but have recently been caught by more conventional net fishing methods. 

This Katsuo fillet is perfectly cut in Japan and lightly seared over an open flame until slightly charred. This gives the Katsuo a beautiful smokey taste and flavor.

All you need to do is defrost and Slice!

Our katsuo are all Individual Quick Frozen(IQF) to ensure that ice crystals do not form within the flesh of the fish thus retaining the quality and the texture of the flesh. This procedure is amongst the best of techniques in freezing foods and ensures quality that is unmistakable from its fresh counterpart

  • Quantity: Good for 3-4 pax for Sashimi or Sushi
  • Texture: Soft and melt in your mouth
  • Taste: smokey but clean, sweet
  • Colour: deep red with charred edges
  • Weight: 200-300g
  • Recommended: To be put in a chirashi, lightly seared or to make Sushi. *Home Chef Level Product*

To Defrost / To Store

    1. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours OR
    2. Leave under running water for 30min
    3. Do Not re-freeze after it has thawed and defrosted.
    4. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days.

 *Note: Packaging is subject to supply and demand. Our fish will always be of top grade and quality is controlled by Shiki specialists. Guaranteed Japanese Product 👍

For wholesale inquiries, private dining and other questions, kindly contact us directly at

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Gabriel O.
Singapore Singapore
Katsuo Tataki

Bought for home use. Very conveniently packaged, easy to prepare and slice.