Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Tenderloin - Steak Cut (150, 200, 300g) 宮崎和牛 ヒレ肉-ステーキ用

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Our Miyazaki A5 Wagyu comes from the famed wagyu ranches of Kyushu, the ranch owners take pride in raising their cattle and provide them with high quality grains, wheat, rice and fresh water from the mountains. Miyazaki prefecture is well known for its lush greenery and high quality ingredients, the nutrients of the land is given to each and every Miyazaki wagyu resulting in one of the highest grades of wagyu beef in the world! 

Tenderloin is the least fatty but the most softest part of the beef (That being said, as it is A5 wagyu it is also extremely fatty). It also the most prized and lowest in supply. The tenderloin in general is buttery and melts in the mouth, WAGYU tenderloin on the other hand is a whole new level of buttery! This piece will simply melt in your mouth the moment you put it in your mouth! Simply amazing!

  • Top Grade Miyazaki A5 Wagyu, flown directly from Miyazaki prefecture
  • Approximately 200g per Block
  • Best consumed in BBQ, Baking, Pan Fry, Grill
  • Flash frozen for freshness 
  • This product is best consumed within 3 days once opened/thawed.

To Defrost / To Store

    1. Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours 
    2. Leave under running water for 30min
    3. Do Not re-freeze after it has thawed and defrosted.
    4. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

 *Note: Packaging is subject to supply and demand. Our Produce will always be of top grade and quality is controlled by Shiki specialists. Guaranteed Japanese Product 👍


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