Premium Kanefuku Mentaiko Sauce 500g

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Our Mentaiko is specially chosen and brought in after months of taste testing. It is savoury and has the right amount of spices to give you the mentaiko taste we have all come to love. 

It is delicious by itself already and even more delicious with a light aburi torch. Mix it with our mentai with kewpie mayo to make that amazing mentaiko mayo dip, or put it in your favorite rice or pasta dish to make everyones most loved mentaiko pasta or rice dish. The possibilities and combinations are limitless !!! 

  • Flown in Directly from Japan
  • 500g
  • Easy to Use and Store
  • Best Stored in Freezer
  • Once opened, store frozen for up to 12mths

*Note: Mentaiko is not solid even when frozen, it can still be squeezed out into smaller portions so that you can keep or longer. Just squeeze out your required amount and store the rest in a Ziploc back in the freezer.