Live Hotate (Scallops with Shell)

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Japanese Hotate,

Our Live Hokkaido scallops the finest Japan has to offer are hand picked off the seas of Hokkaido where the water is freezing cold and rich in nutrients. 
Freshly caught Hokkaido scallops are a treat, they are extremely sweet and melt in your mouth. 

  • Texture: Firm, but melt in your mouth 
  • Taste: Sweet and succulent
  • Colour: Translucent White 
  • Weight:>1Kg (200g to 300g per scallop)
  • Recommended: BBQ or Sashimi to be consumed within 3 days
Best Eaten:
Sushi, Rolls, Maki
Chirashi Don
On the BBQ 
Lightly seared
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