Hokkaido Premium A-Grade Long Spike Dried Sea Cucumber (8pc)

Hokkaido Premium A-Grade Long Spike Dried Sea Cucumber (8pc)

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Hokkaido Premium Long Spike Dried Sea Cucumber (8pc)

Freshly caught and farmed Japanese Dried Sea Cucumbers off the coast of Hokkaido are extremely rich in nutrients and packed full of flavor. Our premium Sea cucumbers are beautifully shaped and have not only a lot of spikes but a lot of longer spikes as compared to sea cucumbers from other countries. This results in a healthier and higher quality Sea Cucumber.

They are especially a delicacy in soups, broths and braised dishes. These sea cucumbers are naturally sun dried under the Hokkaido sun and carefully tended to by the most caring Hokkaido farmers. It is considered a luxury ingredient not only in Hokkaido but also in all Chinese cuisines. Make sure to have some available to celebrate big events, parties and gatherings!

  • Texture: Firm, but buttery in your mouth 
  • Taste: Sweet and succulent once processed
  • Colour: Black/Grey
  • Weight: 50-55g, roughly 7-8g per pc 
  • Recommended: To be kept in a cool dry place or refrigerated 

 Great for simmers, soups, stews and braised dishes. 

Hokkaid Seacucumber is best eaten with:

  • Sushi rice;
  • Braised dishes 
  • Hot Stews 
  • Clay pot rice dishes
  • Braised then fried with batter

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 北海道産 最高級品 乾燥ナマコ


  • 約8個入り;
  • 50〜55g。


  1. 始めにナマコの表面を洗い、綺麗な水で24〜36時間つけておきます。途中1日ごとに水を交換します。
  2. 柔らかくなったら、お腹の部分を切り目から切り広げ、筋を切断し、お腹の砂を綺麗に取り除きます。
  3. 油が混じってない水の入った鍋に乾燥ナマコを入れ、好みの柔らかさになるまで茹でます。目安は50〜60分。煮る時間と回数はナマコの大きさや硬さで変わってくるのでご自身で調整してください。
  4. 火を止め、自然に冷めるまで待ってから氷を加えて冷蔵庫で約48〜72時間保管します。氷は24時間ごとに取り替えてください。

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