Hokkaido Red Melon 北海道 メロン

Hokkaido Red Melon 北海道 メロン

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Hokkaido Musk Melon

Our Hokkaido Red melons are specially chosen and flown to us from the various famed musk melon farms around Hokkaido. Hokkaido musk melons have a light orange skin tone, and their flesh is bright red/orange as well. Hokkaido Red Melons are firm, juicy and sweet. You know your musk melon is ready when it starts go give off its signature faint Melon aroma that we all love.

  • Texture: Firm and juicy
  • Taste: Sweet and succulent
  • Colour: Reddish orange
  • Weight: >1kg (Usually 1.5kg per melon)
  • Each Box of 6 melons weighs roughly 9kg
  • Recommended: Leave the melons in your fridge for 2~3 days to let it ripen before cutting into it

Hokkaido Musk Melons are Best Eaten:

  • On it own
  • With a glass of wine/champagne
  • With proscuitto 


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