Hokkaido Dashi Kombu, Japanese Seaweed Kelp (For Soup Stock) - 100g だし昆布

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Hokkaido Dashi Kombu,
Japanese Seaweed Kelp (For Soup Stock) - 100g

北海道産 だし昆布 


Our Kombu is specially picked along the coasts of south hokkaido and processed carefully to make sure each piece of kombu can bring out the most flavor possible. Kombu is the base to making a dashi stock which is then the base of many Japanese home cooked dishes such as miso soup, ramen soup, hot pot and many more!

Our Kombu comes in an easy to use 100g pack and is perfect for home usage, kombu is extremely flavourful when placed in a pot of boiling water together with Hanakatsuo Bonito flakes. Glutamic acid found in kelp enhances the flavour of ingredients and soups as it is the source of "Umami"

The steps are simple: 

  1. Place 15g of Kombu for every 1 litre of water into a pot
  2. Place the pot on the stove and turn on a gentle/small flame/low heat
  3. Let the kombu simmer in the pot and try not to bring it to a boil 
  4. after 1 hour it is ready!
  5. Add in bonito flakes and other condiments to your liking to add taste and flavour

Most recommended with our Narabi Uni and some Soy sauce.

  • Texture: flaky and crisp
  • Taste: Briny and taste of the sea
  • Colour: Dark green with a good shine
  • Weight: 100g
  • Storage: Stored in a dry and cool area


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