High Quality Nagano Koshihikahi (High quality Japanese Sushi Rice) -1kg コシヒカリ米

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High Quality Nagano Koshihikahi (High quality Japanese Sushi Rice) -1kg

コシヒカリ米 長野産

Nagano is one of the most famous places where Japanese sushi rice originates from, the climate and land there allows for high quality sushi rice to be farmed and harvested. Koshihikari rice it THE rice to use for sushi making, this breed of rice has all the characteristics needed to make perfect sushi. It absorbs water well and retains a good shape and texture, at the same time the rice also absorbs Vinegar and soy sauce well making it extremely easy to choose for sushi masters. 

This rice is perfect and easy to use, pop it into a normal rice cooker with 1-for-1 rice to water ratio and you have perfect sushi rice ready to go. 

The rice is simple and straight forward to use!

  • Quantity: Good for 8-10 pax for a Sashimi or Sushi party
  • Texture: soft with a nice chew
  • Taste: Sweet and clean
  • Colour: Pearl White
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Recommended: To be put in a chirashi, donburi or to make Sushi.


Our rice is perfect for:

  • Chirashi Dons
  • Sushi Rice
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Garlic Fried Rice

To Defrost / To Store

    1. Keep all items in room temperature before opening 
    2. Keep refrigerated after opening

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