Frozen Unagi Kabayaki Fillet 255g

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Frozen Unagi Kabayaki Fillet 255g

Unagi Kabayaki, or also known as Grilled Teriyaki Marinated Eel is well known throughout the Japanese culinary world for its fatty, sweet and tender fresh. The marinate is lightly sweet and full of flavor, this ingredient is simple and easy to prepare and even easier to finish!

  • Texture: Soft and melt in your mouth  
  • Taste: Sweet and savory and full of flavor
  • Colour: Charred brown and silver on the underside
  • Weight: 250-255g
  • Recommended: To be put on the BBQ, pan fried, Baked or grilled.


    • Grilled or OvenBaked. Pan sear or even microwave!
    • Paired with rice or on its own with some soy sauce or teriyaki sauce. 
    Do note: We do not provide slicing/processing services as our produce should be eaten immediately after it is sliced. This ensures freshness and prevents deterioration of quality.
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