Frozen Nobashi Ebi (Tempura Shrimp) 20-22pc

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Frozen Nobashi Ebi (Tempura Shrimp) 20-22pc

Nobashi Ebi are the go to Ebi for many izakaya and tempura restaurants looking for a quick and easy way to cook delicious tempura shrimp. They are already de-shelled and packed straight which makes it easy to prepare. 

All you need to do is prepare the tempura batter and oil, and you are ready to make delicious restaurant level tempura shrimp.

Each prawn is carefully peeled and processed for immediate use! 

  • Texture: Plump, crunchy and soft
  • Taste: Sweet and rich in prawn flavour
  • Colour: Translucent white
  • Weight: 100-150g
  • Recommended:  To be battered and fried, steamed or boiled in soup


    • Battered & Fried
    • Boiled in Soup
    • on the BBQ 
    • Lightly seared (For those who prefer cooked)


    To Defrost / To Store

      1. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours OR
      2. Leave under running water for 30min
      3. Do Not re-freeze after it has thawed and defrosted.
      4. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days.

     *Note: Packaging is subject to supply and demand. Our Produce will always be top grade and quality controlled by Shiki specialists. Guaranteed Kyushu Product 👍

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