Flash Frozen Japan Processed Mussels 1kg ムール貝 冷凍

Flash Frozen Japan Processed Mussels 1kg ムール貝 冷凍

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Japanese Processed Frozen Mussels


Japanese Processed Frozen Mussels are succulent, big and full of flavour. These mussels are airflown from Kyushu and are pre-shucked and ready to cook. The mussels are picked off the various coasts of Chile and specially processed in Japan before being flashfrozen and packed. 

Season: 通年 All year

  • Texture: soft and tender
  • Taste: Briny and rich in flavour of the sea
  • Colour: Orange to White
  • Weight: 1kg per pack
  • Recommended: To be eaten in pasta, paella, seafood dons, fried rice, soups, broiled, steamed or Pan fried with skin crisped up

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