Frozen Hokkaido Chum Salmon for Cooking (100g) 冷凍 鮭

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Frozen Hokkaido Chum Salmon for Cooking (100g)

冷凍 秋鮭(生食用) 

Japanese Chum Salmon is caught off the coasts of Hokkaido and Russia and immediately Flash frozen on board the vessels to maintain its utmost freshness. The salmon is processed and portioned into 100g Vacuum packs for convenience. The Chum salmon has a more stronger fish flavor as it is wild and lesser fat as compared to its Norwegian cousin. This makes them ideal for health goers! This is best eaten Cooked! 


  • Texture: Flaky
  • Taste: Briny, Strong fish flavor and low in Fat
  • Colour: Red/Pink
  • Weight: 100g/pc
  • Recommended: To be eaten Pan fried or Baked

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Different ways you can eat Hokkaido Chum Salmon:

Hokkaido chum salmon can be used in sushi, sashimi or Chirashi. It also goes great in salads! You can try shallow frying or baking them as well for a healthy meal!