Frozen Botan Ebi (Button Prawn, Botan Shrimp)

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Frozen Botan Ebi (Button Prawn)

Our Botan Ebi, also known as "Large Button Prawn or Botan Shrimp", is caught in the most northern part of Hokkaido called "Rishiri", at depths between 300 to 500 metres they are immediately Flash frozen on board the vessels to maintain its utmost freshness. Botan Ebi is the most used when it comes to the perfect centerpiece for your chirashi bowls ! Just one of these large juicy prawns would leave any diner in awe. Botan Ebi are easy to peel and extremely sweet, their heads also make for an amazind stock or sauce!

  • Texture: Firm with a good bite
  • Taste: Sweet, Clean flavour with a slight sea salt flavour
  • Colour: Red/Pink/Translucent
  • Weight: 1kg-2kg
  • Per Box: 1kg (22-24pcs), 2kg (43-48)
  • Recommended: To be eaten Sashimi, BBQ-ed or Pan fried 
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Different ways you can eat Botan Ebi:
Botan Ebi can be eaten raw like "Amaebi", so it can be used in sushi, sashimi or Chirashi. Other ingredients that go well with Botan Ebi includes Ikura or Uni. You can try deep frying the head of the prawn for a tasty treat!