High Grade Ensui Uni Yellow (100g) 塩水うに

High Grade Ensui Uni Yellow (100g) 塩水うに

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High Grade Ensui uni (Yellow)

Freshly harvested Uni is put straight into saltwater to preserve the freshness and natural flavours of the Uni. Ensui Uni considered one of the best ways to consume Uni with no preservatives.

  • Texture: Firm
  • Taste: Sweet and clean, slightly salty
  • Colour: Yellow, Orange to Light Orange
  • Weight: 100g x 1 
  • Storage: Should be stored in the fridge and eaten within 3 days

Who chooses the Uni for you?
Our ensui uni is specially chosen for you at the uni auctions and markets in Hokkaido and Toyosu. Rest assured that we will provide the best and highest quality Ensui uni available for you.

What should your Uni taste like? 
Ensui uni has an extremely clean and sweet taste, it is also slightly salty because it is submerged in cold salt water. Ensui uni will have the cleanest taste of all uni because it has no preservatives, only light salt water is used to keep the uni fresh.

Ensui Uni is Best Eaten with:

  • Sushi Rice
  • Other Seafoods like Botan Ebi, Salmon and Ikura
  • Rich Oily foods like Japanese Beef, Ootoro &Chutoro
  • Dried Seaweed, Ohba leaves
  • With a cup of Shiki SG Sake or Shochu!


Where does the Uni Come from?
Bafun Uni mostly comes from the north of Japan, the most famous ensui uni come from Hokkaido as well as the Rishiri islands. Nowadays, high quality ensui uni can also be found coming from Russia, Chile, China and even California. 

How to tell if your Uni is good?
Freshly caught Bafun Uni has a bright beautiful Yellow/Orange colour with firm a texture that melts in your mouth. The tastes should never be fishy but instead leave traces of the ocean. The smell should be slightly salty an briny and not have a strong fishiness to it. Each Uni gonad should also be dry, firm and plump, they should not be overly melted or look deflated. 


* Kindly note that packaging might vary depending on the auction results in the mornings.

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