Dried Sakura Ebi (For Rice & Pasta) - 40g 干しさくら海老

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Dried Sakura Ebi (For Rice & Pasta) - 40g


Our Sakura Ebi is processed and packed in Japan, we picked this particular sakura ebi because of its bright colour and mildly salty taste. It is great with rice by itself, on your favourite Uni pasta or in any dish that requires that extra colour and salt! 

Our Sakura Ebi comes in an easy to use 40g pack and is perfect for home usage, Sakura ebi when dried contains glutamic acid which enhances the flavour of ingredients and soups as it is the source of "Umami"

Most recommended with our Narabi Uni and some Soy sauce.

  • Texture: flaky and crisp
  • Taste: Salty and briny
  • Colour: Bright Pink and orange
  • Weight: 40g
  • Storage: Stored in a dry and cool area


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