Michelin Hakuryu Ultra Fine Somen (50g x 5) 白龍 そうめん

Michelin Hakuryu Ultra Fine Somen (50g x 5) 白龍 そうめん

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Michelin Hakuryu Ultra Fine Somen (50g x 5)



1200 years of Somen history in 1500 strands of Somen, 

An ultra-fine noodle, showing the true worth of "Miwa Yamamoto". The Finer the somen the more sought after and expensive it is.

Hakuryu somen is handmade by master somen makers from Japan, is it the finest handmade somen found in all Japan and is deemed by many Japanese as a work of art. It is so fine that 10g of Hakuryu contains approximately 300 strands of somen noodle. This astonishing feat gave rise to its name "白髪, Hakuhatsu"(grey hair) meaning fine aged silver hair. "Hakuhatsu", is mostly used as cold somen or in clear broth soup in many high-end Japanese restaurants. 

  1.  Thickness of the Somen - Hakuryu is hand pulled over a span of 36 hours with a technique passed down over a millenium. It has a silk like fineness and is extremely fine. 
  2. Taste of the Somen - Hakuryu is clean, salty and sweet at the end. The quality of ingredients used by Hakuryu are second to none, each ingredient is meticulously and painstakingly sourced to create Hakuryu. In total more than 30 ingredients come together to create this masterpiece.
  3. Texture of the Somen - Hakuryu is smooth and light, it is firm and silky. every batch of Hakuryu is made throughout Autumn to Spring and stored at the start of Spring to age and mature in flavour.  

Such ultra-fine noodle can only be made by a Somen specialist of exceptional skill with 1200 years of experience passed down generation after generation, this is something that cannot be mass produced or machine made. 

  • 1 x Hakuryu Somen (5 x 50g)

Our Add-ons go best with/as

  • Cold Noodles with Ikura or Tobiko
  • Clear Soups or in Miso Broth
  • Seafood Noodles

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