~Toyosu Auctions~ Canadian Murasaki Uni Bara (A Grade) 200g カナダ産 ムラサキウニ 〜豊洲市場〜

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~Toyosu Auctions~ Canadian Murasaki Uni Bara (A Grade) 200g

カナダ産 ムラサキウニ 〜豊洲市場〜

Canadian Pacific Red Sea Urchin is caught off the coasts of North America and Canada, they are hand dived and sustainably caught. Over 80-90% of canadian uni is exported to the Asian markets and auctioned off in places like Toyosu market to our auctioneers.

It has a has a lighter rich pale and light yellow colour with a firm but creamy texture and a sweet undertones. its taste is much brinier and slightly stronger in seafood flavor as compared to the other Unis. It is perfect for uni lovers who have tried all sorts of Uni and want to try even more! 


Who chooses the Uni for you? 

Our Murasaki uni is won at the Toyosu uni auctions every morning by our team of auctioneers. Our auctioneers have been working in the markets for over 30 years and know every detail there is to know when it comes to choosing good Murasaki Uni, so rest assured your Murasaki uni will be perfect!


What should your Uni taste like?  

Murasaki Uni is much larger in size as compared to its cousins the bafun uni. That being said, Canadian/Boston/North American Murasaki is slightly smaller in size than the japanese murasaki lobes. Being smaller in size gives it a more condensed flavour and mouthfeel, at the same time it is slightly saltier and brinier compared to its Japanese cousins.

  • Texture: Soft and Creamy, Melt in your mouth
  • Taste: Salty, Sweet and briny
  • Colour: Light Yellow, Pale Yellow
  • Weight: 200g
  • Recommended: Sashimi to be consumed within 3 days 


Murasaki Uni is Best Eaten with:

  • Sushi Rice, Pasta, Risotto
  • Other Seafoods like Botan Ebi, Salmon and Ikura
  • Rich Oily foods like Japanese Beef, Ootoro &Chutoro
  • Dried Seaweed, Ohba leaves
  • With a cup of Shiki SG Sake or Shochu!

How to tell if your Uni is good? 
Freshly caught Murasaki Uni has a dense and sharp pale yellow colour it has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth. The tastes should never be fishy but instead leave traces of the ocean. The smell should be slightly salty an briny and not have a strong fishiness to it. Each Uni gonad should also be dry (Slightly wetter than the bafun Uni), firm and plump, they should not be overly melted or look deflated.  
Murasaki Uni narabi boxes also have an expiry date on he side of each box, make sure that the Uni is well within the expiry date so ensure that it is still fresh.  
Our Purveyors at Shiki SG make sure that all these criteria are met before choosing each box of uni, so you can rest assured that the Uni you receive will be of top quality and freshness.


For wholesale inquiries, private dining and other questions, kindly contact us directly at Contact@shiki.sg