Murasaki Uni Narabi Premium *Shinne* (A Grade) 250g ムラサキウニ

Murasaki Uni Narabi Premium *Shinne* (A Grade) 250g ムラサキウニ

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Murasaki Uni Narabi Premium Shinne (A-Grade) 250g

Freshly caught Premium 250g Murasaki Uni is much larger than the normal Murasaki Unis, it has a much lighter taste and a pale rich yellow colour. With a firm but creamy texture and a sweet undertones. its taste is much cleaner and less briny compared to the other Unis, making it the perfect Uni for starters and people new to Uni but want to enjoy the flavors of fresh Uni. 

Our Murasaki uni is won at the Toyosu uni auctions every morning by our team of auctioneers. Our auctioneers have been working in the markets for over 30 years and know every detail there is to know when it comes to choosing goo Murasaki Uni, so rest assured your Murasaki uni will be perfect!

  • Texture: Soft and Creamy 
  • Taste: Sweet and clean
  • Colour: Light Yellow
  • Weight: 250g (Bigger Sized Uni)
  • Recommended: Sashimi to be consumed within 3 days 

Best Eaten with:

Sushi Rice
Kaisen Don


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