This brand of premium uni,

Bafun Uni Premium *Matsu-ura Flower Box * (A Grade) Narabi - 250g ”お花柄Box”バフンウニ

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Bafun Uni Premium *Matsu-ura Flower Box* (A Grade) Narabi  

  • Texture: firm but melts in your mouth;
  • Taste: sweet; 
  • Colour: uniform orange;
  • Weight: ~250g; and
  • Storage: should be stored in the fridge and eaten within 3 days.

Our premium range of uni is specially chosen by our Uni auctioneers in Toyosu where each box is specially picked and flown in. 

This brand of premium uni, "Matsu-ura", is premium farmed bafun uni and is specially chosen by the owner of the uni farm every morning after their uni is shucked and prepared for packing.

Each 250g of uni is packed in a beautiful Japanese designed box with a flowery pink design. The availability of each coloured box depends on the daily auctions, which makes it extremely sought after.

Who chooses the Uni for you?

Our auction grade Japanese yellow bafun uni is the highest quality bafun uni available in the market. Each box is carefully selected and won every morning by our very own uni purveyors in the Toyosu uni auctions. Our uni purveyors are the biggest uni buyers in the Toyosu market and have had years of experience in choosing, buying and winning the top quality Uni boxes in both Tsukiji and Toyosu.

What should your Uni taste like? 

Yellow narabi Uni has a one of a kind taste profile, which is sweet, rich and full of umami. Bafun uni melts in your mouth like ice cream and leaves a sweet and fragrant aftertaste like no other. Bafun uni is almost custard like with an extremely sweet seafood/ocean taste and fragrance.

Bafun Uni is best eaten with:

  • sushi rice, pasta, risotto;
  • other seafood like botan ebi, salmon and ikura;
  • rich foods like wagyu, o-toro & chu-toro;
  • dried seaweed, ohba leaves; or
  • with a cup of sake or shochu!

Where does the uni come from?

Bafun uni mostly comes from the north of Japan where the most famous bafun uni comes from Hokkaido as well as the Rishiri islands. Nowadays, high quality bafun uni can also be found from Russia, Chile, China and even California. 

How to tell if your uni is good?

Freshly caught bafun uni has a intense yellowish orange colour with a firm texture that melts in your mouth. The taste should never be fishy but instead has traces of the ocean. The smell should be slightly salty and briny. Each piece of uni should also be dry, firm and plump. They should not be overly melted or look deflated. 

Bafun uni narabi boxes also have an expiry date on the side of each box. Do make sure that the Uni is well within the expiry date to ensure that it is still fresh. 

Our purveyors at Shiki SG make sure that all these criteria are met before choosing each box of uni, so you can rest assured that the uni you receive will be of top quality and freshness.

What's the difference between yellow & red uni? 

Yellow and red uni are almost the same. The main difference according to our head chefs and specialists is purely the colour! Some uni tend to be red while others, yellow or orange. This could be due to what the uni eats or simply a trait of that particular uni.

Taste wise, they are more or less the same as well. However, some uni enthusiasts do say that the yellow and orange uni is sometimes a bit creamier and sweeter, while the red is slightly drier and richer in its briny flavour.

    * Kindly note that packaging might vary depending on the auction results in the mornings.

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