Bafun Uni Micro Box Bara - 30g バフンウニ

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Bafun Uni

Freshly caught by hand off the coasts of Hokkaido by our dedicated team of fishermen and women. Freshly caught Bafun uni has a bright beautiful orange colour with a firm texture and tastes like chestnuts. This mini box is perfect for when you have uni cravings in the middle of the night.

  • Texture: firm;
  • Taste: sweet;
  • Colour: bright to dark orange;
  • Weight: ~30g;
  • Storage: should be stored in the fridge and recommended to be eaten within 3 days.
Best eaten with:
  • sushi rice;
  • kaisen don;
  • seaweed;
  • pasta;
  • risotto; and/or
  • sake.

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