Anago Conger Eel Fillets 250g - Frozen 煮穴子 冷凍

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Anago Conger Eel Fillets 250g - Frozen 

煮穴子 冷凍

In the Edo Era, locals fished at Edo Bay (modern day Tokyo Bay) and fashioned whatever they caught into Sushi. This is how the term “Edo-mae Sushi” came about. The MUST TRY of Edo-mae Sushi is Anago sushi. Although fishing is controlled in Tokyo Bay to preserve fish stock, our Anago are still fished there and have been deemed as High quality in Japan. Our Anago comes frozen, and is fully marinated and processed for ease of consumption

Fun fact: the use of Anago as a topping in Japan is traditionally used in Japan to announce the arrival of the rainy season (June) in the Tokyo region as the eel is the fattest and tastiest then!

What is the difference between Anago and Unagi?

Anago is not to be confused with Unagi, which is freshwater eel. The main difference between the two is that Anago tends to be leaner and less greasy as unagi has been found to contain almost twice the fat as Anago.

Although both play an important role in Japanese culture and cuisine, they are prepared differently. Anago is more commonly deep-fried as tempura or simmered, compared to Unagi which is usually grilled with a sauce. 

  • Texture: Soft and melts in your mouth;  
  • Taste: Sweet, savory and full of flavor;
  • Colour: Charred brown and silver on the underside; and
  • Weight: ~200-250g.


  • sushi;
  • battered and made into tempura;
  • mixed with fried rice;
  • paired with rice or on its own with some soy sauce or teriyaki sauce.


To Defrost / To Store

  1. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours/under running water for 15min;
  2. Do Not re-freeze after it has thawed and defrosted;
  3. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and best to consume within 3 days.

 *Note: Packaging is subject to supply and demand. Our Produce will always be top grade and quality controlled by Shiki specialists. Guaranteed Kyushu Product 👍

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  • 約250g;
  • 再冷凍はしないでください;
  • 解凍後はお早めにお召し上がりください。


  1. 凍った袋のまま流水解凍されるか、冷蔵庫で数時間解凍してください。
  2. 完全に解凍してしまうと身が崩れやすくなりますので、半解凍の状態で調理されることをおすすめします。
  3. 電子レンジで温めるとより一層美味しく召し上がっていただけます。
  4. トースターやグリルで焦げ目をつけると香ばしく穴子丼などにオススメです。

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