Amaou Sweet Strawberries あまおう苺

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Amaou Sweet Strawberries

Our Amaou strawberries are specially chosen and flown to us from the various famed Southern farms in the Kyushu Islands. High quality Amaou are ruby red and glisten in the light with each berry being extremely plump and sweet. They are only available in the winter season so remember to get yours while the season is still at its peak!

  • Texture: soft and juicy;
  • Taste: sweet; 
  • Colour: ruby red;
  • Weight: ~250g per punnet; and
  • Recommended: to be eaten as soon as possible!

Amaou Sweet Strawberries are best eaten:

  • on it own;
  • with condensed milk (but we highly recommend eating it by itself!); or
  • with a glass of wine/champagne

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