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Shiki Singapore, Your door to Japanese Produce and the Toyosu Uni Auctions.

We are a boutique Singapore based company specializing in sourcing and supplying high quality Japanese seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables to private chefs, omakase sushiyas, high end restaurants and michelin starred establishments. We provide next day delivery and premium round the clock custom tailored services for our customer .

Testimonials from Our Valued Shiki Customers!

Our Sea Urchins

Sourced throughout the world and air flown into Singapore for chefs, home chefs and private dining. Our Uni is 100% sashimi grade, delivered to your doorstop upon ordering.

Our Beefs

Our High end Japanese and other Premium beef cuts are specially sourced throughout Japan and other parts of the world. Great for Shabu Shabu, BBq, Yakiniku, Sukiyaki and many more cooking styles!

Our Porks

Specially selected by our teams in Japan from high end and high quality farms, the meats are all individually checked overseas and then in Singapore before being delivered to you.

Our Fishes

Meticulously chosen by our team in Japan and Singapore to give you the highest quality sashimi seafood experience. Perfect for both home dinners, parties and are also used in many eateries throughout Japan.