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Shiki Seafood 101: All about Japanese Crabs

Wild Horse Hair Crab, Kegani

Kegani Horse Hair Crab Shiki SG

Horse Hair Crabs are found in the deep waters off Hokkaido, Kegani can be found in many of the restaurants in Hokkaido and is by far the most used crab in high end restaurants there. 

Kegani can grow from anywhere between 500g to 1.5kg and up. They are extremely hardy but underneath its shell is the sweetest and most delicately flaked crab meat anyone will find. During mating season, Kegani are are also very sought after for their Roe, the roe is rich, creamy and full of flavor. 

Kegani come Live, or frozen Whole. They are also airflown to ensure the highest quality enters Singapore.

We Recommend Boiling or Steaming Kegani and eating it with a sweet plum sauce or light vinegaigrette.

Premium King Crabs, Tarabagani

Hokkaido, Russia, Alaska

King Crabs are found mostly in the northern parts of the world and are abundant in Hokkaido, Russia and Alaska.

King Crabs are the biggest crabs found in Japanese waters, they grow to a length of at least 2 meters and can weigh over 5kg. King Crabs are the most sought after and most luxurious shellfish in the seven seas. Its meat is succulent, plump and abundant, sweet and extremely juicy. One bite will leave you in King Crab Heaven.

King Crabs come Live, Frozen whole boiled or frozen with just their shoulders raw. They are all airflown to ensure the highest level of freshness.

We recommend gently steaming or charring the legs on the grill with garlic and butter for an amazing and luxurious crab meal!

Sweet Snow Crab, Zuwaikani

Hokkaido, Russia, Canada

.Our premium snow crabs are both wild and farmed in Hokkaido, 

Snow crab boast a unique and subtle flavor. They are most sought after for their legs as well as their Roe. Snow crabs taste clean, delicate and have a light briny sweetness.


They come in many forms, Whole live, Whole Frozen, Already opened with their shells removed or totally without shells, so they are easy to cook and even easier to eat.


They are either Chilled and boiled or boiled and flash frozen to maintain the highest level of freshness and airflown straight to your doorstep.


We recommend Gently Steaming the snow crab legs or boiling them and dunking them in ice to keep the meat plump and firm.


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