Bluefin Tuna Tail (BBQ)

Bluefin Tuna Tail (BBQ)

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Bluefin Tuna Tail for BBQ,

Our top grade bluefin tuna tail for BBQ-ing comes from large size sashimi grade tuna, this masterpiece will surely catch the eye of any BBQ pitmaster. The Tuna sears and cooks easily under the flames with its bluefin fat content and the meat is melt in your mouth tender. This is a must try for any BBQ enthusiast! 

  • Texture: Ultra-Soft and melt in your mouth  
  • Taste: Sweet with heavy Umami 
  • Colour: Highly Marbled White-Pinkish 
  • Weight: >500g
  • Type: Frozen
  • Recommended: Season with salt, pepper and anything else you might want, wrap in foil and throw into the fire next to the coals for roughly 30-45 minutes, let is rest for another 15 minutes after. 
Best Eaten with:

By itself or with a bit of lime

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