Premium Quality Fish

Our Premium Japanese sashimi grade fishes are meticulously chosen by our team in Japan and Singapore to give you the highest quality sashimi seafood experience. Our Premium grade fishes are used throughout Japan by home cooks, ammeter chefs, professional chefs, sushi chefs and even executive chefs ! So rest assured that your ingredient needs will be well cared for after ordering from us.

We pride ourselves in providing delicious seafood that is available to everyone, they are easy to use, easy to cook and most important of all extremely delicious!

Delicious, Easy to use and Readily available for delivery island wide. Airflown Japanese Sashimi grade seafood from Japan to Singapore with island wide Delivery to your doorstep.

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Katsuo Tataki Flame-Seared Skipjack Fillet – Frozen 300g

$19.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Japanese Shime Saba, Vinegar Marinated Mackerel (Frozen) – 140g

$12.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Japanese Konbu Jime Saba (Kelp Aged Japanese Mackerel) – Frozen 140g

$13.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Kohada Fillet (Gizzard Shad) – Frozen 100g

$21.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Sake, New Zealand King Salmon Fillet – Frozen (250g)

$24.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Japanese Hamachi Loin – Frozen 700-900g

$63.20 GST (Incl) 7%

Japanese Ankimo Monkfish Liver – Processed (230g)

$44.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Yellow Tail Hamachi Fillet – Frozen 1.8-2kg

$98.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Sliced Flounder Fluke Fin (Engawa) – Frozen 500g

$52.00 GST (Incl) 7%

Sashimi Grade Madai, Red Sea Bream IQF Fresh Frozen (800-1kg)

$88.00 GST (Incl) 7%

Shashimi Grade Madai Sea Bream Fillet (Frozen, Skin-on) – 350g

$38.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Yuzu Maguro Tataki Flame-Seared Yuzu Tuna Fillet (400-500g)

$21.80 GST (Incl) 7%