Our Premium Japanese and global seafood ingredients are perfect for cooking! They are carefully chosen to suit your every cooking need, whether you are having a big Party, BBQ, Cookout, Grill session or planning a hotpot, steam boat, pot luck or stew. Our ingredients will surely impress you, your guests and your taste buds!

We pride ourselves in providing delicious seafood that is available to everyone, they are easy to use, easy to cook and most important of all extremely delicious!

Delicious, Easy to use and Readily available for delivery island wide. Airflown Japanese High grade seafood from Japan to Singapore with island wide Delivery to your doorstep.

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Japanese Premium Unagi Kabayaki (220-250g)

$35.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Hamachi Kama Yellowtail Collar – Frozen (1kg)

$48.00 GST (Incl) 7%

Japanese Shio Saba for grilling (Salted Japanese Mackerel) – Frozen 200g

$12.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Frozen Japanese Hokkaido Dried Hokke for grilling & BBQ (Whole)

$19.00 GST (Incl) 7%

NZ King Salmon Belly Fillet – Frozen, For Grilling or Soups (1kg)

$25.00 GST (Incl) 7%

Unagi Kabayaki Fillet – Frozen, for BBq or Grilling (220-255g) うなぎ 蒲焼き 冷凍

$18.80 GST (Incl) 7%

Japanese Raw Yariika Ichiyaboshi, Spear Squid – Frozen, For Grilling & BBQ 500g

$23.80 GST (Incl) 7%

Bluefin Tuna Tail (BBQ)

$45.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Anago Fillet (Conger Eel Fillet) アナゴのフィレ 穴子

$33.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Black Cod Fillet 250g

$29.80 GST (Incl) 7%

Aji no Himono (horse mackerel, butterfly cut) – Frozen, for BBQ & Grilling

$12.50 GST (Incl) 7%

Nodoguro Ichiyaboshi Butterfly-Cut, Blackthroat Seaperch – Frozen, for Grilling & BBQ 300-350g

$62.50 GST (Incl) 7%