Fruits & Vegetables

Order our Air-flown fruits and vegetables simply by following our Air-flown order schedule.

Fruits and Vegetables are flown in every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from Japan into Singapore. To Pre-Order, simply purchase the fruits and vegetables you want 3 working days before our flight days.


For delivery on Tuesday, Order before Friday 4pm

For delivery on Wednesday, Order before Monday 4pm

For delivery on Friday, Order before Wednesday 4pm

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Premium Grade Shizuoka Musk Melon マスクメロン (1.3-1.5kg)

$128.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Nagano Purple Grape 長野パープルぶどう (350-400g)

$72.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Premium Grade Shizuoka Musk Melon マスクメロン (1.1-1.3kg)

$115.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Premium Grade Shizuoka Musk Melon マスクメロン (1.5kg up)

$185.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Hojiso, Shiso Flower Stem (100g)

$18.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Kogiku, Edible Chrysanthemum Flowers (100g)

$18.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Ohba Shiso Leaves, Perilla Leaves (100g)

$18.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Miyazaki Mango 2L (300-350g)

$65.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Japanese Hassaku Oranges (1kg)

$55.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Japanese Kanpei Oranges Gift Box

$158.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Tochiotome Ichigo, Japanese Tochigi Strawberry (250g)

$25.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Kyoho grapes (400-700g)

$35.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Amaou Ichigo, Japanese Kyushu Strawberries (250g)

$30.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Hokkaido Red Melon

$65.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Persimmon (Kaki) 柿 (100-200g)

Peach (Momo) 桃 (250-400g)

Seto Giants (Muscat) 瀬戸ジャイアンツ (600-900g)

Pear (Nashi)梨 (250-400g)

Shine Muscat S-Size シャインマスカット(300-400g)

$85.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Pione Grapeピオーネ (600-900g)

Royal Fruit Box

$238.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Japanese Setoka Oranges Gift Box (3kg)

$158.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Kyushu Farmed Strawberry (Ichigo)

$98.00 GST (Incl) 9%

Giant Japanese Persimmon (8pc)

$0.00 GST (Incl) 9%